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Helen was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. At the completionof her senior high school year she was awarded a full scholarship to attend the College of Fine Art (COFA) at the University of New South Whales, in Sydney. Helen graduated with a B.Ed (Art). Helen taught painting and Art History for many years. During that time she was the Head of the ART Department at Loreto Kirribilli. She was awarded an International Fellowship from The American Association of University Women to study Art Therapy at the George Washington University in Washington, DC.

She is now a Physcotherapist in private practice in McLean, VA, incorporating Art and Play into the therapeutic work with children and adolescents. Helen has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Australia and the U.S.

Her paintings and drawings are represented in collections in Australia, US, Europe and Japan  



Group shows

-Torpedo Factory, Van Landingham Gallery, 2020-2023

- Lake Barcroft Art League. 2010,-2023

-Torpedo Factory Artists at Mosaic, VA. 2022

-Fowler-Kellog, Chautauqua, NY 2015-2023

-Art League, Alexandria, VA 2016-2020

-Serendipity Labs Bethesda, MD 2019

- Falls Church Arts Group, VA. 2015- 2023

- Foundry Gallary, Washington,DC. 2014

- Yellow Barn, Glen Echo, MD. 2015, 2020

- Gallery West, Alexandria, Virginia. 1995

- The George Washinton University, Washington, DC. 1992, 93, 94 

- Highlights of the Year Exhibition, MLK Memorial Library, Washington, DC. 1988

- Artist Equity, MLK Memorial Library, Washington, DC. 1988

- Co-ordination Design Studio, Sydney. 1987

- Center Art Space, Sydney. 1983

Vienna Arts Society, 2019

 Honorable mention award, 2019









Solo Shows

- Politics and Prose,  Washington D.C 2023

- Creative Cauldron Falls Church, VA 2019     - UUCA, Arlington, VA. "Possibilities". 2011

- Gallery West, Alexandria, VA. 1995

- Hogarth Galleries, Sydney. Australia. 1987

- Forestville Community Arts Center, Sydney, Australia. 1981

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