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My work is a passionate and playful exploration of abstraction, with some focus on landscape.

I enjoy the ambiguity of abstraction, where the subject is an internal experience leaving open the possibility of much more content. My work is multi-dimensional, incorporating a joyful exploration of my expanding vision.

A journey of passion and discovery!

 How artwork is made

I start with an idea that has emerged via observation in nature/media/other visual material.  I then move to execute this idea on canvas using paint, drawing materials and or collage. I adjust, make additions and /or subtractions until I am satisfied with the final product.  Sometimes this process quickly falls into place and I’m satisfied with my artwork.  More often I work and rework images, textures, and compositions over extended periods of time.  I frequently work on more than one work at a time.  This allows me time to reflect on my work, expanding my perspective as I go.




Group shows

-Vienna Art society, VA, 2019

 Honorable mention award, 2019

-Fowler-Kellog, Chautauqua, NY 2014-2019

-Art League, Alexandria, VA 2016-2019

-Serendipity Labs Bethesda, MD 2019

- Falls Church Arts Group, VA. 2015- 2019

- Foundry Gallary, Washington,DC. 2014

- Yellow Barn, Glen Echo, MD. 2014, 2015

- Lake Barcroft Art League. 2010,-2019

-Gallary West, Alexandria, Virginia. 1995

- The George Washinton University, Washington, DC. 1992, 93, 94 

- Highlights of the Year Exhibition, MLK Memorial Library, Washington, DC. 1988

- Artist Equity, MLK Memorial Library, Washington, DC. 1988

- Co-ordination Design Studio, Sydney. 1987

- Center Art Space, Sydney. 1983










Solo Shows


- Creative Cauldron Falls Church, VA 2019     - UUCA, Arlington, VA. "Possibilities". 2011

- Gallery West, Alexandria, VA. 1995

- Hogarth Galleries, Sydney. Australia. 1987

- Forestville Community Arts Center, Sydney, Australia. 1981

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